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"Finally got my new lambing/kidding barn up and the panels have made a great nursery. Now that things are finally coming together I have found I need a couple 'custom' panels to finish off things."
​~ Kathy V. - California
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"Here is our first born Lamb.  She wandered into one of the birthing pens made from your equipment.  The pen is now occupied with a Ewe & her newly born Lamb."
​~ Cheryl F. - California
"The ice storm took out my livestock greenhouse but the Shaul's panels and feeder helped save the lives of the sheep inside. The barn had 24 mostly pregnant sheep in it when the roof caved in on Wednesday morning from ice build up. As you can see in the pictures the panels and feeder are holding up the load of ice at the north and south ends of the 30x48 structure. If the aisle feeders and panels had not been in place - the sheep would have been crushed. As you can see in the picture of the sheep - even the light weight panel has not bent under the tremendous weight. The picture from the top looking into the caved roof shows the fence posts marking the aisle. - it says a lot for your product. ...Three Shaul's items - three saved areas!!  THANK YOU!!   See you at Black Sheep!!  Thanks guys for making such good product."    ~ Chris B. - Oregon
"...we appreciate and respect the high quality animal equipment you produce...and thank you for the impressive and delightful combination of professionalism and humor that you bring to your business and your customer relations!"
​~ Priscilla and Steve - Oregon
"I absolutely LOVE IT [Alpaca Chute] !! It makes my life so much easier. Some alpacas walk right in and a few don't. Leaving a door open helps a great deal. Thanks for your design and workmanship."         ~ Sandi and Arnie - Oregon

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Live Oak, CA
"The squeeze chute works wonders...why didn't we do it sooner??"
~ Chris S. - California
"It's GREAT!  I'm so happy with the tilt table, even with the cast on one arm I was able to run a dozen does AND the huge buck through and trim all their feet, by myself!..."         ~ Kathy V. - California
"I LOVE your products! The are working out just wonderfully. Thanks again"       ~ Kathleen G.
Our goats have found a new use for the stand. It makes a great napping place.
u Roberta B. - Calif.
"The panels I bought from you last year - "Hold up Great!!!!".  My horses & sheep are brutal on panels, not a single weld break nor a bend!"    ~ Rhonda R. 
"Here is my new gate in place.  You can see it is just a perfect fit.  This way when I am not feeding or using one of the small pens, I can open the green gate and the ewes can use the space behind it and the two little pens.  I am thrilled." 
~ Kath M. - Oregon
"I’ve had it up for a few weeks.  This is great and will allow us to feed in winter without going out in the field and just pilling it up.  Thanks,"
u Dave H. - Oregon
"I bought four feeders last year from you for my goats.  They are wonderful, I'm so happy with them.        ~ Allan L.
"Just a quick note to say thank you for the excellent job of designing and building the best sheep handling equipment that I have used.  Yesterday I worked  over 425 head with the help of one person feeding sheep down the alley.  Of that 175 head were ewes requiring their annual hoof trimming.  I performed the hoof trimming, vaccinating and drenching along with running the tilt table and drop gate and sorting gate.  We accomplished this in 7 hours.  Your equipment worked well and was gentle on the sheep.  Thanks for the great equipment."
​~ Randy H. ~ Mabton, WA.
Sept. 2010

"Wanted to show you two how perfectly this worked  out.  I will order a second one for the other side after the holidays.  I am just thrilled with it.  This tucks into the corner and doesn't stick out in the way at all.  There will also be space for a lamb to lie down underneath it while
mom eats."
​~ Kathie M. - Oregon
  Nov. 2010
I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the custom panels you made me last year.  We have a 12x16 noble barn, I was able to take 3 of you panels and make 3 kidding pens.  It worked out great last year and it is working great this year as well.  I am planning on expanding so I am sure to purchase more equipment from you in the upcoming future.   Thank you! 

~Sandra T. - California -- Jan. 2011

As a new Boer Goat Breeder I greatly appreciate the knowledge you pass on to us. The equipment you recommended & supplied us, set us up for success. You took the guess work away & allowed us to feel confident & secure in our decisions. It's very apparent you take both the owner and animal in mind when building your equipment. We are thankful for the relationship we have been able to establish with you & look forward to many more years as your customer.
~Nathan M - California
Aug. 2011
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Seriously I could not take care of this many sheep by myself without your equipment and you can quote me on that!!  Here we are at "The Gathering" of Soay Sheep Breeders and there are your panels and feeders. 

~ Kathie M. - Oregon
Dec. 2011
Wow!  I needed some customizing done to the equipment I needed and take a look what the Shaul's did for me.  Took a bit of tweaking here and there, but boy does it work.  The Shaul's are easy to work with and listen to what you have to say.  Their product is well made, extremely functional and so very easy to use.  The best part is that if you have a suggestion or an idea you think will improve an item, they really want to know about it.
Tom R. - Nevada 
Dec. 2011
I'm not sure how long ago it was that I bought two sheep feeders and some panels from you.  I was new to all this sheep buisness and you were so helpful in helping me purchase what was needed.  I want you to know the feeders and panels have been invaluable in the care of my flock of Icelandic Sheep. The feeders and panels are still in great shape and continue to be one of the best investments I've ever made; so good that I'm getting ready to order some more feeders.  Keep up the good work,
Elayne Tingey - Idaho. 
Feb. 2012
We absolutely love our feeder!  The 3 inch width is perfect for 
our Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats and we waste much less hay now.   
We have included a link to your website on our website as people 
keep asking where we got it!

​~ Maralee Childs - Orland, Calif 
Dec. 2012

Just thought ewe could use it 
under happy customer as lamb says:
"great panel, just can't get out!"

Penny & Dan Lambach - Quincy, Calif. 
Oct. 2013
Next time you tell a customer you build ‘em tough, show them 
these photos. We figured this tree could have weighed about 
2000 lb!​  And those are the light weight panels!!!

​~ Southern Oregon Soay Sheep Farms 
Oct. 2013
We love our panels! The gate latches are so clever & I love how strong the bars are, I can climb over if need be. The panels make the barn so functional and I'm so glad we found Shaul's to make us exactly what we need!

I've included some pics of this year's first lamb in our beautiful lambing pens.  We'll be back for more panels.

                                                                                     I wanted to thank you again for your willingness to                                                                                                      work our custom squeeze order into your busy schedule.                                                                                                             "It's strong enough to hold a wild pig!"
​                                                                                                    ~ Shannon - U.S.D.A.
                                                                                                    Sept. 2015

                                                                                                        “I’ve tried lots of feeders for my Pygora. They either allowed the goats to pull big                                                                                                         flakes of hay out on the floor to became wasted or the hay falls into the goats’ fleece,                                                                                                         which was a nightmare to remove. To top it off, my big wether, Toby, learned to pull                                                                                                         hay out of the tops of the open feeders.

                                                                                                        I’d been looking at Shaul’s Manufacturing feeders for several years at the Oregon                                                                                                         Flock and Fiber Festival and purchased my first one last year. It works perfectly,                                                                                                         allowing up to eight Pygoras to eat from one feeder at a time, with very limited waste
                                                                                                        and very little vegetation in the fleeces. The tray at the bottom helps prevent hay                                                                                                         waste and prevents Toby from pulling flakes out of the top. I couldn’t wait to purchase                                                                                                         my second feeder from Shaul's Manufacturing this year.”

~Terri L. Kistler, Whistlekick Pygoras, Winlock, WA
Oct. 2015
Wanted to let you know how awesome the creep panel and gate worked out - put them in the sheep barn yesterday and they are doing the job.   Great work, thank you so much!

~ Joyce R. - Woodland, CA
Nov. 2015

                                                                                                Hope all is going well with you.  I got my kidding shed almost                                                                                                 done.  I thought I would share some photos with you.  I used                                                                                                 panels from my working chute. Now that I see it will work I                                                                                                 need to get more.”

~Tom R., Tolare Boer Goats, Fallon, NV
Feb. 2016

                                                                            I had two problems when I contacted Bill & Susan.                                                                             needed shade for my sheep and a diverse                                                                             changeable feeding area; I also had building                                                                             constraints.  Explaining to Bill & Susan what I                                                                             wanted, we worked out an extremely versatile and                                                                             movable system perfect for my needs.  Sorry, the                                                                             shades tarps are off in these pictures, but they                                                                             are so easy to put up.  The Shaul's are the best.
~ Cindy M. - Dixon, Calif.        
Feb. 2012                

                                        Squeeze and run in use. 
​                                                                                                                               Hi Susan. Here's some pictures of our ranch & sheep                                                                                                                                using all your equipment. We couldn't do what we                                                                                                                                do without all your fencing, gates, blind alleys, chariot,                                                                                                                                squeeze spin shoot & the scale. It sure makes life so                                                                                                                                much easier.!

Diane M. - Willow Creek Ranch, Fairfield, CA
Feb. 2016

                                                                                                                                  Look at our boys on the chariot!
                                                                UNFINISHED ACRES 
                                                                Raising Fullblood herds of Boer, Kiko, Nubian goats, and percentage kids of the                                                                 breeds; all tested and negative for CAE, CL, and Johne's. We also raise Maremma                                                                 Sheepdogs and welcome visitors to the ranch.  Thanks again Shaul's! 
                                                                Oh, our barn is up, so hopefully we'll be putting a panel order in soon!

~Becky E. - Unfinished Acres
July 2016
See, the squeeze does fits every size!

We also use the table to put bands on the bull calves (2 weeks to 1 month old).  We raise them on a milK cow.​
~ Esther D. - Umatilla, OR
Sept. 2016

                                       HAPPY BARN!!
                                        Thank you so much for your awesome work. The panels work perfectly. We have renamed the sheep 
                                        barn to the Happy Barn!!! Looking forward to seeing you in Chico in a few months!!                         

~Joyce R. - Woodland, CA
Nov. 2016

​                                                                                                                   Hi Susan, the new barn is done. Thank you!

~Becky Spencer, Greenwood, CA
Unfinished Acres

Feb. 2017

                                        Hi Susan & Bill

                                         Here are a few photos of the pig barn. We are really enjoying the panels and have had                                           ton of compliments!
                                                                    Thank you!

                                                                    ~Randy B - Orland, CA
                                                                      Feb. 2017

                                                                                                Our grand-daughter bred 6 of her ewes. We set up the "horse barn"                                                                                                 custom stalls and moved two moms in there. We also set up the                                                                                                 custom stalls in the sheep barn and moved 4 ewes there. Then the                                                                                                 wait began. ​We have 17 babies in all. 1 single, 2 sets of twins, 1 set                                                                                                 of triplets, 1 set of quadruplets, and believe it or not, a mom with                                                                                                 quintuplets! Thank goodness we had our Shaul's pens set up. Really                                                                                                 appreciate the quality of your work! Thank you again - the creep                                                                                                 panels & custom made stalls keep everybody safe and secure.

                                                                                                                                                    Joyce Reynolds, Woodland, CA
                                                                                                                                                    Nov. 2017
 I love my feeders. 
Merry Christmas! 
Judy Fleming ~  O’NEALS, CA 
Dec. 2019